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  •  Crystal & Ceramic Kiddush Cups
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  •  Wine Dividers & Sets
  •  Frik Hand Made
  •  Frik Kippah
  •  Kippah Clips
  •  Knitted DMC Kippah small
  •  Knitted Kippah small
  •  Knitted With Embroidery
  •  Leather Kippah
  •  Satin & Terylene Kippah
  •  Special Kippah
  •  Thin Knitted Kippah
  •  Velvet Kippah
  •  Aluminum Mezuzah
  •  Car Mezuzah
  •  Glass Mezuzah
  •  Metal Mezuzah
  •  Plastic Mezuzah
  •  Polyrasin & Stone Mezuzah
  •  Wood Mezuzah
  •  Assorted Shabbat Items
  •  Challah Boards, Knives& Napkin
  •  Challah Covers
  •  Hot Plate Covers
  •  Tablecloths
  •  Talit & PVC Bags
  •  Talit & Tefilin Sets
  •  Talit Cases & TIK-TAF
  •  Talit Clips & Atara
  •  Tefilin boxes


    New: Print or label your kippah with custom text, suitable for your special occasion.

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    For additional questions: Just call +1-866-517-1888 (U.S toll free)

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