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Fusion Salts

Fusion salts start with an all-natural sea salt base which is then infused with one other completely natural flavor note. The result is a product made entirely of only two authentic, natural ingredients, but one that packs a punch of flavor to subtly and wonderfully enhance any meal.


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Black Truffle Salt 1 oz. - Truffles are a treasure imported from Italy. Black Truffle salt is ideal with eggs, pasta, mashed potatoes, red meat...even on buttered popcorn.


Chipotle Sea Salt 2 1/4 oz. - Made with real smoke-dried jalapeno peppers, this salt has a rich, toasted pepper flavor that brings a dash of fiesta to the table. Use on salads, roasted vegetables, seafood, meats, pasta, finishing, fried foods & popcorn.


Ghost Pepper Salt 2 1/4 oz. - Made from pure, unrefined sea salt and the Naja Jolokia pepper, this salt has a spicy hot flavor that is without compare. Sprinkle on chicken wings, chili, fajitas, roasted veggies, meats, seafood, finishing & fried foods.


Habanero Pepper Salt 2 1/4 oz. - Known as one of the most intensely spicy peppers, Habanero pepper is hot! Use it sparingly, but use it often.


Jalapeno Pepper Salt 2 1/4 oz. - A perfect blend of all natural sea salt and a healthy dose of authentic jalapeno peppers to create a fiery hot flavor. Heat up guacamole, flank steak, or chicken and rice. Use on salads, roasted veggies, seafood & meats.


Spanish Rosemary Salt 2 1/4 oz.


Spanish Rosemary Salt 4 oz. - Rosemary salt delivers a straight from the herb garden flavor. Add to any dish to give it a fresh, herbed taste.


Sriracha Salt 2 1/4 oz. - Enjoy the tangy Thai heat of sun-ripened chilies infused into all-natural flake sea salt. Use it in soups, sauces, noodles, pizza, meats, vegetables, seafood, finishing, Asian cuisine.


Szechuan Pepper Salt 2 1/4 oz. - Combines all-natural sea salt with exotic Szechuan Peppercorn, an authentic addition to Asian-inspired spice rubs and seasoning rubs.


Vintage Merlot Salt 2 oz.


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