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Current Owner Deed Search $30.00
1st Lien Mortgage Search $30.00
Current Owner & 1st Lien Mortgage Search $55.00
Current & 1 Prior Owner Deed, All Mortgages and Judgments of County Record $105.00
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Easements, Restrictions, Mortgages, Judgments, Examiners Report of Title

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Please be advised that title search services is for a property that resides in the State of NJ or Commonwealth of PA. Guardian Settlement Agents, Inc is not insuring the marketability of the property. You can purchase title insurance from Guardian Settlement Agents, Inc. at the current insurance rates and fees. Guardian Settlement Agents, Inc. limit of liability is equal to the cost of the title search fee you paid. We do not guarantee the results of any search and are providing the title search to you for informational purposes only. The search should not be deemed reliable and should not be used to make insurance or financial decisions. Guardian Settlement Agents, Inc. is NOT a law firm or Certified Public Accountant and is prohibited from providing you legal and/or financial advice.